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CorTech’s talent stream hiring process is designed to take the hassle out of hiring and increase the speed to deliver quality candidates. This unique process provides direct access to talent for high velocity hiring.

Our program offers opportunities for new candidates to apply as well as re- deployment for our seasoned employees and provides our clients access to our pool of military veterans and spouses re-entering the workforce.

CorTech’s iRecruit Solution (a Talent IQS Product) is customizable for each client with specific questions and qualifiers outlined to offer ease for both our clients and candidates.

Here’s how it works (CorTech Team)

  • Build job description, post to the CorTech web and invest in upfront resource dollars to accumulate bulk resumes from sources such as the web, paper media, signs, referrals, spiders, partner networks, as well as other sources.
  • CorTech team reviews, screens, and selects candidates to “pre-on-board”.
  • Candidates prepped and on-boarding screening complete.
  • CorTech team moves qualified talent to “ready for hire” status

Selection (Client Hiring Manager/or CorTech On-Site)

  • Review ‘ready for hire” talent pool
  • Real-time select
  • Candidate/s start date confirmed and final on-boarding complete