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Our Power Recruiter Software is a Cloud Based Software Solution that utilizes the internet for the distribution and accumulation of labor data.

Power Recruiter imports resumes from any platform (Including Internet Boards), from a text extension directly into the software. That import includes ALL necessary information such as Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, Resume, etc.

CorTech utilizes our software to track all openings and manage our workloads, ensuring that each requirement is receiving priority attention. This system allows us to monitor submittals, interviews and hires in real time, enabling our account managers to update our clients and to provide quality candidates at the right cost.

Other functions of our Power Recruiter Software include:

  1. Sourcing and Contact Management Resume Database
  2. Job Order Database that intelligently links to Resume Database through our “Smart Search Technology"
  3. Mining Software for quick Internet job board resume retrieval into Resume Database
  4. Internet and 'Smart Search Technology" Search Capabilities for fast/accurate searches
  5. Integrated billing, consultant tracking, and accounting features (w/ QuickBooks Pro)
  6. Financial Reporting
  7. Candidate Reporting
  8. Lead and Referral generation for cold calling
  9. Meeting Tracking
  10. Gross Profit Calculators
  11. Contract and Perm Billing Modules (Easy Billing Functions)
  12. Managed Staffing Integrated Software w/ Resume Submittal, Job Order Distributions, Order Fulfillment, Time Sheet Management, Security/Authentication, and Billing